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About the public beta test

This is a preliminary, beta (pre–release) version of this tool. Not all data or functionality that will be included are ready yet, and the data presented through this tool are still being validated.

Data from this tool should not yet be used for engineering or decision–making purposes. However, “test driving” the tool by exploring layers and extracting data can be useful for project overviews and “ballpark” estimates.

We want to make this tool relevant to your work

With your feedback, we can make this tool more useful. As you use the tool, please consider:

  • Does this tool make relevant engineering data more accessible?
  • Are the explanations about the datasets and sources useful?
  • What additional built–in tools or calculators would be helpful?
  • Other questions or concerns?

Please email us at if you have a question, encounter a problem, or would like to connect with us directly about this tool or the underlying datasets. You can also fill out our feedback form to share your thoughts or sign up for our occasional newsletter to be notified when new datasets and functionality are added, and when this tool is launched.

Data layers in development

The tool currently shows several data layers related to Alaska physiography, climate, and engineering. But there’s more in the works—we plan to add data related to:

  • Water (sea temperatures, sea ice, river & coastal ice, tides, and more)
  • Light (sunlight and twilight)
  • Physiography & Climate (earthquakes, forest types, glaciation, climatic zones)