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Design Thawing Index

The design thawing index is the average thawing index for the three warmest years of the 30 years in the era (historical or projected).

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  • ✓  Historical (1980-2009)
  • Projected (2070-2099, NCAR CCSM4, RCP 8.5)

Design thawing index

These layers show the historical or projected design thawing index across Alaska.

Degree days above 32°F
≥ 7000

The design thawing index is the mean of the three years with the highest thawing index for each location. The thawing index is the annual cumulative degree days (°F) above freezing. These degree days are calculated by taking the number of degrees above 32°F for each day of the year and adding them together into a single value. A higher design thawing index means a warmer era for that location.

These are the highest likely values of the thawing index — a useful measure when design criteria are governed by the shallowest likely depth of frozen ground or ice.